2016 meet 2017

A New Years post, one with a quick review of the previous year and perhaps some list of expectations for the 365 days yet to come? Sure… why not.

Overall the year of 2016 was a good year for me. By that I mean we’ve suffered no major tragedies. We’ve lost some loved ones, but with every birth there is a death to pay. We are happy (for the most part). We are healthy (for the most part). The struggle may be real, but this year it did not crush us under.

2016 was the year of a “surge” of celebrity deaths. I am flat out humbled that in the same year my princess Toothless crossed the rainbow bridge, another princess gained her wings: Carrie Fisher. I find personal irony in that Toothless’ s first toy was the Millennium Falcon on a wand. To me there are a lot of similarities between the two despite one is a cat and the other is Hollywood royality. 

The focus of 2017 will be a high light on mental health. With my daughter’s recent diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder it is essential that we impliment every possible “treatment” so that she can learn how to live with her beautifully twisted mind.

In 2017 we are making a new friend. Puppy will be here in a little more than 8 weeks. As of right now we think his name will be Rascal (a huge tribute to the amazing dog I grew up with). We have no perspective names in the event that our puppy winds up being a girl.

2016 was a quiet year. I don’t really have any sort of social life and as a result barely any drama. I’m very happy with this. I way rather invest my time with my family. Those 4 peeps mean the world to me and I want them to always know it.

As far as this New Year goes I don’t have much as far as goals go. I will take the hits as they come.

2 thoughts on “2016 meet 2017”

  1. Wishing you a year of health and happiness, and healing for your sweet daughter. I hope 2017 will be the best year yet for you! Hugs.

  2. Happy New Year Goddess! At this point in my life I take each day as it comes – so resolutions, goals for the new year etc are meaningless to me. I just try to do my best as each new day comes. There is nothing more I can do. All we have is “now”.

    Oh, and I think Rascal would be an equally fantastic name for a little girl Bassett should that end up being the gender!

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