2017 – New Year’s Day

Woke up to a notification, it was the friend who had supposed to go out with me she said: “Eh, happy new year to you too.” My mom just told me she invited a family over for tonight. I felt offended as I had told her a day or two before not to invite the kids (I’m fine with having the couple over).They have a son and daughter, their daughter is way too old for me to have conversations with and their son, I know, hates my guts. I have to come up with a plan how to escape this stupid situation. I’ll probably go out for coffee with someone, and if I have no one to go with, I’ll go to a café and just smoke by myself.

I recieved a couple of texts from two of the guys I had talked to on Omegle. I expected one of them to be more confident.

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