A Danger of Channeling Spirits


Sunday, October 30, 2016

   I have caught some flak elsewhere for stating that one, when engaging in communication with spirits (if the situation has already gone that far) should be cautious of what I’ve come to call the “Help Me Ploy.”  I just saw another “Help Me Ploy” scenario in the last account of this situation that I found. Often, in this situation, when the person is just starting out and is very new to it all, these malevolent spirits will be anything but malevolent initially.  In many cases, they lure you in with a false sense of security by means of their kind, benevolent or at least benign nature (or at least the appearance of these things).  Once they have your trust or at least your commitment to continue interacting with them without very much caution, they will often employ tricks and ploys to further get you on the hook and keep you interacting with them.


   One of these ploys is where you’ll start hearing spirit voices asking for help or asking you to pray for them. These very things I heard at the very beginning of my own situation back when I was doing my EVP recordings in January and February of 2015. Without re-telling what I have already written about extensively on this blog, I began to hear these voices on my recordings that were saying “Help Me” and “Pray for Us.” At first I only felt confused by this and did nothing. But once I started hearing malevolent voices on my recordings and then soon after, I began to hear them outside of my recordings, my situation began to deteriorate rapidly and my mind and thoughts became frenzied, panicked and even further open to deception. Thinking at the time that I was truly in communication with a group of benevolent spirits initially (and the malevolent ones intruded unto the scene later) I remembered their calls for help and for me to pray for them. 


   Pray for them I did and this did nothing but make the situation far worse. Things began to escalate more rapidly from that point on and when they finally reached a point where these voices began to harass me continuously around the clock, one of the most frequent things that they said to me was “you prayed for the wrong spirits” and also “you prayed for spirits that didn’t want your prayers.”  This only served to make me feel more a fool and more broken. I often still hear them say this, even to this day. It was in a sense, their grand mind game throughout my whole situation. I have seen this same type of scenario in other accounts as well.


 I have been criticized for suggesting that these spirit voices on EVPs sometimes saying “Help Me” is nothing more than a trap. I was informed that I was being indifferent to lost souls that were only seeking some kind of assistance. I cannot say that on every occasion, when one hears “Help Me” on an EVP recording that it is this same type of ruse, this same type of set up. That would certainly be something beyond my own ability to know and to claim certain knowledge of. What I am saying is that I’m seeing this more and more as a pattern that I’m finding in the cases of this situation that I come across. I do not believe caution is necessarily a bad thing. I will be the first to declare that if I had used a little more caution, critical thinking and better judgement, then I probably would not be in the predicament that I find myself in today.


  This much I know for certain, in my own case, in the initial stages while I was walking right into a situation that would lead me to a condition of hearing voices outside of the recordings, I heard many voices on my EVP recordings that were saying things like “Help Me” and “Pray for Us.” I have also seen cases where similar scenarios played out. Malevolent forces both seen and unseen are very real and if one is intending to take up these pursuits that involve attempts at communication with unseen forces (though of course it would be far better not to take up these pursuits at all) one should at the very least…the very least, proceed with caution and do not be blind to the fact that there may be malevolent forces out there whose intention it is to deceive you.


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