A Danger of Channeling Spirits


  This afternoon when I got home from work, I tried to take a nap and rest up for a bit. I don’t know why I bothered because this hardly ever succeeds.  Practically every time I try to take an afternoon siesta, I’m unable to because these negative spirits that haunt me talk allot of trash constantly and create allot of annoying physical sensations on my body that make dozing off extremely difficult. This afternoon was no exception. I was unable to get to sleep or even rest because of them.

  I then went out to my living room and sat in a lounger with a cup of coffee and a book. Almost immediately, I started to feel the all too familiar vibration sensation on my lower body and the voices just wouldn’t quit. They follow me to work, they follow me out and about everywhere I go. They are attached it would so very much seem.
  Am I being a bit too harsh on them by calling them evil spirits, negative spirits and the like?  Am I just misunderstanding something about them? The fact is that they seem hell-bent on causing as much disruption to my life, at all times as possible. They try and deprive me of sleep (and unfortunately they sometimes succeed) they try and break my concentration and focus on anything by incessantly chattering away. Pretty much everything they say to me is some kind of insult, derogatory comment, critical statement, threat, or some attempt at playing some twisted mind game.
  They call themselves “evil spirits.” To me, this is what they most often refer to themselves as and they seem to be proud of it.  Now a days they just rant nonsensical  bullshit with the occasional attempt at spinning a new psychological mind game.  They attempt to play a game of guess who we are. Over the course of a single day they may claim themselves to be “Lucifer’s Lieutenants” or “Humans who didn’t want you to pray for us” (this is referring back to the beginning months of this in 2015, when they deceived me with their “Help Me” EVPS).

  Last week they were telling me that they were
“suicidal maniacs”
and “we’re suicidal maniacs from the Planet Siri” (where ever that is)
  The most frequent voice that I hear (quite literally by the hour) sounds like a young late teens/early 20-ish female voice and I have seen this same description in a few other accounts as well. Her voice never changes but what she claims herself to be often does. For example, this afternoon she claimed to be Lucifer him/her -self for a little while. There is no figuring it all out with certainty. I realized that quite awhile back. I have no idea if these are human spirits or non-human spirits but I’ll grant to them that they are evil spirits which as I said, is what they claim to be.
  I remember seeing in one account that I found online, that these evil spirits told a person that they were “psychological warfare specialist” and I will certainly grant them that title as well. They are indeed perhaps the greatest of all psychological warfare specialist ever. But if you can see through the illusions that they fabricate, you realize that they are not all that they make themselves out to be. Sure, absolutely, I hate the fact that they yap at me constantly and that they can cause physical sensations and such when I’m trying to sleep, but after all this time, that’s all they really do and the more I become desensitized to it, the less effect it has on me and hopefully one day soon, it will hardly have any effect at all.


 Just the other day while I was driving to a local store, I heard the voice (quite clear) of the all too familiar female voice that has been tormenting me since the beginning,(the one I just refer to as “#1), say over the sound of my car’s air conditioner

“we are on jury duty

“there’s a big question mark on you”

   Every once an awhile they’ll say something out of the blue that will get me thinking. They’ll get me thinking about what they meant by this or that statement. They’ll say something that will get me wondering if there was some kind of deeper meaning there. But then I have to catch myself and remember that I don’t care about anything that they say. I don’t want to hear it. These same voices have consistently lied to me over and over again and have caused some serious disruptions in my life. They intrude into my life at all times and chatter constantly with no regard what so ever for my privacy or well being. These particular spirits that do this to me are negative spirits. They go well beyond just being mischievous.  They are intruding tormentors. Even if they occasionally say something interesting, I know it’s not worth it to me to dwell on it or even give it much thought at all.  If I go back to following with interest what they are saying to me, then I’m going right back down Alice’s Rabbit Hole, basically where I was back when this all started for me back in the Spring of 2015, which is a bad place to be.
  Of course I don’t deny that I got myself into this mess. I went poking around where I probably wasn’t suppose to go when I was doing EVP. Again, I just want to say that of course not every ones experiences with EVP are as disastrous as mine were. Some may have far more positive and fascinating experiences, but just like with most things in life, there are also dangers. Sometimes when doing EVP, you could be communicating with the wrong element (unless that is your intention of course, but it certainly wasn’t mine.)
  I have heard repeatedly from these tormenting spirit voices that I hear everyday through clairaudience

“you’re not supposed to know about it”

They’ve said this statement to me so consistently that at least with this statement, I feel I have little reason to doubt that they mean what they say from their perspective.
 But back in the first few months of all of this, these negative spirits had me running around in circles because to a large degree, I was either believing the things that they told me me, or I was spending way too much time contemplating them. It’s only when I became very suspect and even disinterested in their words that things began to improve for me.
 I’m back where I started essentially. I have little more answers about the Great Beyond than when I started doing EVP. My efforts were jammed with voices that lied and tormented. Now I just want to try and live a normal life again as much as possible, but it is difficult because these negative spirits do not seem like they are ready to leave me alone yet. They know that I can still hear them much of the time and they know that they can still cause me disruptions and annoyance to me with things like the physical sensations that they do when I’m trying to sleep.
  But I know that if I go back to pondering and dwelling upon the content of what these voices say, then that puts me in an even worse place, down the rabbit hole again.

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