A Danger of Spirit Boxes


November 24, 2016

   I know that on this blog I’ve written extensively about my own situation, about my experience with EVP and how it essentially led to a disastrous situation where I was (and still am) hit with a condition of hearing intrusive voices and experiencing real physical disturbances. I know that I have mentioned that I know of other cases where people also developed this same condition after also engaging in EVP recording and in fact by other means of spirit communication.  

  I’ve seen a few cases where individuals have developed this same condition by using a Spirit Box. In my own situation, I was mainly using digital recorders when I was doing EVP. I did try a Spirit Box a few times during the two months that I was doing EVP, but I just never really took to it. The cases that I’ve seen where people developed this condition by using a Spirit Box are practically identical to my own. In the accounts that I’ve seen, the situation started out just like my own, the individuals started experimenting with a Spirit Box, they made contact within a relatively short amount of time. Once they did make contact, they were hearing numerous voices through the Spirit Box, they quickly established conversation level interaction with these voices (of unknown origin) and at first, these voices also seemed at least benign of not friendly and benevolent.  Then just like in my own situation with using digital voice recorders, the nature of these voices flipped on them as well and became negative and menacing and eventually they started hearing these tormenting voices at all times without the Spirit Box. 

  Many of them also experienced disturbing physical phenomenon as well. In all of the cases that I’ve seen related to the use of a Spirit Box, the individuals also described hearing the voices often coming in over existing background noises, just like I did (and still do, but now to a much lesser degree).  In so many ways, the accounts are practically identical to my own. I truly believe that using a Spirit Box is no less dangerous than using a digital recorder and vice versa.  They can both bring on this extremely disturbing situation of hearing intrusive and harassing voices.

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