A new start!

I’ve always liked new beginnings, new start a fresh ground, starting over. I am crazy like that I even like when I reinstall my computer – That makes me feel fresh and new! Happy new year to you all, I hope most of you had a great celebration. To you that didn’t have such a blast – I promise it’ll get better, just give it some time, my best warm thoughts goes out there to all of you. 

There is something special with every first day of the year, so many thoughts so much hope and dreams, and so much living minds writing how do be better how to do better and how to do things different. I think It’s good what I’ve done, I have made experiences on what to do again and what to not do at all – but that is living, right?! Then why change the things you do wrong, well make an experience out of it and do it positively differently next time. 

It’s been a good Christmas with family, my close ones, those I love the most. I’m grateful, humble and so lucky to have such people around me. I’ve come to a point in life where I’m not allowed to take things for granted, to make a choice and stand by it. Stand up for my self, and don’t hide if you are wrong in something. Loyalty came to another level for me. How people treat me, and how I’m treating them – it’s essential ! 

I can always do things better at work and with my self, loving my self,letting go of the past and care for my self more than I already do, but I’m getting there. 

I wanna wish you all a lovely year, make it count make memories and make love. ❤️


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