So, I check the mouse traps every couple days. One was caught right after my last check cause it started to do not nice things. 

I toss mouse. Clean mess. Get my steamer and sanitize the area. Clean trap and re set. I just paid the bills. The boys just announced that I need to go buy milk and cereal. 

I look over at Ray, staring blissfully at the TV. 

I think how grand it must be to live in some fairy tale world where you can get up in the morning and have all amenities at your fingertips without a care of where it comes from…and still have the audacity to run your mouth. To have the house miraculously clean itself. Dinner put on the table every night. Soap for laundry or dishes that *POOF* clean them self.  

I often threaten to quit. Just stop. Stop cleaning. Stop cooking. Stop paying bills. Stop shopping. But then I remember I have kids. 

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