EVP Spirit Oppression


 March, 2015 was what I consider to be a month of escalation in my ordeal of hearing voices and experiencing physical disturbances after my own personal experimentation with EVP throughout January and February of 2015. By mid-February, I had begun to hear negative voices on my recordings. These voices mostly consisted of insults, threats, profanity and more. By the end of February, I had had my first incidents of hearing these menacing voices outside of my recordings with just my ears. The first incident occurred at my work when I heard their voices coming in over the noise of a fan. By March, I was experiencing an increasing level of incidents of hearing these voices. I remember driving home from work one day with music playing and hearing my name being spoken over the sound of my car stereo.  Then, a few days later, I heard my name being spoken again over my home stereo. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear the sound of voices speaking in the room directly below mine (I was living alone in my house at the time). One morning I awoke experiencing strange vibration sensations that seemed to be localized to certain areas of my body. Then a few days later, while on my couch watching television, I experienced these weird vibration sensations again.  One night while driving home after having dinner at a relative’s house, I heard voices speaking through the sound of my car engine.

 Then something even more troubling began to happen. At night, as soon as I got into bed, I began to feel what I can only describe as a finger literally coming up through the mattress and poking me sharply in my lower back.  I would jump out of my bed in a panic, go outside and smoke a cigarette to try and calm myself down.  Off in the distance, I swore I would often hear a clear voice saying things like “stop”…”stop playing with them.”  I did not understand what these apparent warnings meant at the time but I wish I had. Every time I crawled into bed, there it was again, the feeling of a finger poking me in my back. This would keep me awake for some time on some nights. I would get into bed, then jump out in a panic, back and forth this went on some nights for hours. I reached the point where I had to start taking sleep aids so that I could get to sleep within a reasonably short amount of time.

 Another disturbing thing started to occur in March, 2015. There were a few occasions when I would go into my work and find voicemail messages left by these same harassing spirit voices that I had heard back when I was doing EVP recordings and that I had more recently been hearing with just my ears on an ever increasing basis. Often, at this time, I was hearing these harassing voices coming in over sources of steady background noises such as fans, etc… I was reaching a point where I would deliberately go out of my way to avoid places where I knew that there would be allot of steady sounds and noises in the background, for example, …rooms with a running fan.  These harassing voices soon began to come through practically any steady sound. I vividly remember hearing them torment me over the sound of the running water in my shower.  Their intrusion into my life and my personal space was increasing by the day.  I remember hearing them once through the sound of my gas stove as I boiled a pot of water to make a cup of instant coffee. I remember hearing my name being spoken over the sound of my washing machine one evening. All of these types of incidents increased in number throughout the month of March, 2015. Yet at this point, I was not hearing these voices on a constant, non-stop basis. That nightmare was shortly to begin in early April, and as troubling and distressing as I found these bizarre occurrences during this month of escalation, I was not in any way prepared for what I was about to experience during the following month. 



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  1. Hi Brian,
    I come across your journal in my effort to find answers to my questions about voices/voice hearing. While I have not read your entire or all your write ups, there are some similarities in our experiences. I bagan or they began to directly engage with me in December 2017, following episodes of sleepless nights. May I know please if you have support groups where you find discussions or sharing of experiences. I want to know more so it can help me accept “my voices” fully.

    Thank you,

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