Here is to a sober 2017

I entered 2017 with just over  5 weeks sober! 

If you asked me two months ago if I could manage a week without a drink I would of laughed in your face!  Alcohol was my best friend, our break up was completely out of the blue. 

Giving up alcohol has not been as hard as I thought.  I would be lying if I said it was a breeze, there are times when I would love to chuck back one lovely refreshing Gin and Tonic after another.  

A lot of people think I must have amazing will power.  That’s not true.  If my willpower was that great I wouldn’t have to give up alcohol.  I would be able to drink in a sophisticated manner.  Savouring a glass or two of wine instead of dimolishing two bottles to myself.

I have done a lot of sole searching, self reflecting and decided that I owe it to myself to begin to start caring for myself.   I made the deduction to stop fighting myself, to stop trying to destroy who I am.  If I want a wholesome life I must work on my flaws instead of abusing myself.  

In the culture I have been brought up in alcohol is accociated with fun.  People think I’m crazy when I inform them of my desicion of going t total.   “but what else is there to do” they ask in bewilderment as though I may possess the secret magical answer.  That is going to be the foundation of my year of 2017 to find happiness and enjoyment which lives outside the influence of alcohol.

I may sound as though I am turning into a hippy, but if it means I will become at peace with myself then I’m all for becoming a peace making hippy.  I have already signed ur to do a course in meditation, I want to volunteer to help the homeless I also need to find an exercise class which I will enjoy and stick to. 

I want to be the best me that I can possibly be.


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