1/1/17 Intro Please read me before reading the other entries

Hello, this is a Journal I decided to start out of the need for a place to get everything out of my head and down somewhere.I also thought it may be helpful for those amazing people who have chosen to try to help me along my path to know where my head is at as I have issues saying everything that I need to say in a conversation. So it will not be all butterflies and fluffy bunnies as it will be a real record of my life and events.  Including my past abuse and recovery and my journey as a submissive as I recall it. As such I will be writing about how I feel on certain days and in certain moments. What is written here will not always reflect how I feel as a whole. As I tend to have mood swings and occasionally rapidly cycling emotions. This is a safe place for me to write that all down and get my head cleared out so I can think properly without ripping anyone apart.  Entries my contain recounts of my past abuse and perhaps suicidal or self harming thoughts and urges. Please do not be alarmed by these as writing them down helps me to resist them and sort the thoughts out in a way that isn’t destructive to myself or those around me. I have a network of wonderful supportive friends who I can call upon in times of distress who aid me greatly. I also offer a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear to anyone who needs it. As I know what it’s like to be alone and struggling with depression.

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