New Year

New Year celebration with family yesterday. Same tradition every year. 

First we all ate new years dinner together. Me, my sister, brother, mother and father. Usually we have my aunt and other brother also, but no this year its just us few. The table was filled with all kinda of foods. My mother always makes enough for a whole party, always delicious food (even though I don’t need much to get full). As we ate my little brother finished his food faster than everyone else. He left the table before any of us others and went straight down to his room to play online games. As the rest of us sat there, my parents and my older sister decided to start talking about work stuff. Nothing for me to listen to so I decided to leave aswell and watch tv in the livingroom instead. 

As soon as everyone was done eating, we moved on to watching a movie on netflix instead. We decided to watch “Pan” (or me and my sister decided). While watching my mom had made brownies for us, dessert. It was cozy, until we got guests. I’m highly uncomfortable around people I do not know. A whole family came, I got anxious and walked down to my room instead and listend to music. 

They didn’t stay for long, and it was almost time for the fireworks to start. I went out before the others, since I really wanted to watch from the high place not far from my home. Yeah, I was watching it alone. Without my family this year. But, im kind of glad I did. I got to see alot more fireworks, and bigger than the other years. I love loud noices too, which is even better from where I was standing. Absolutely amazing really. 

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