New Year – New You

Never one for journaling or resolutions but I want to make this year a great one. I have made this a public journal mostly because it feels stupid to write only for myself and also as a part of me learning to be more open to others. Warning-I cuss, I am rude (possibly crude), and I don’t proof-read ever. Enjoy 🙂

Be kind, to myself and others. Stop being a bitch and learn to let things go.

I have become a very judgemental person because I feel that I have been let down a lot in my life. I distance myself from people so they cannot hurt me. I need to stop. By not letting people in or holding them at arms-length I still end up getting hurt. Why not let them in? Enjoy the time spent in happiness and then get over the hurt later and let it go.

Make more time for my family so they will make more time for me.

Discover activities that we can enjoy together. My daughter always wants to play and sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Most of the time I am tired and just want to be lazy. For the past three years I have been in school while working some type of job and am still solely responsible for our household. Trying to get anyone to help me is like pulling teeth. I am undecided on if it is actually that difficult for get help due to their unwillingness to help or if it is my unwillingness to ask for (demand) the help. Part of me making more time for my family will be requiring them to help me with the things they can so that I can free up some of my own time to spend doing the things with them that they want. My husband is stubborn so I will have to come up with something creative, but my daughter is now 5 and is more than capable of helping out. 

Put my foot down. I deserve financial freedom. Pay off debt & start saving.

I am the primary contributor to our household income but this has always bothered my husband. He will publically joke that I am his sugar-mama but I know that it really bothers him. For this reason, I have always tried to be flexible when making financial decisions but life happens and we ended up living way above our means and in a heap of debt. I busted my ass going back to school to increase our income but this only puts us at the level of now being able to afford our lifestyle-and I want to do better. I always have a budget and a plan but we never stick to it. I make plans for dinner and they get vetoed so I end up driving to go pick up dinner. I am done. This year we are sticking to all of it. The budget. The menu. Period. We will agree on the budget and the plan together. We will decided on the menu together. If you veto our dinner plans for the evening then you go pick up dinner and pay for it out of your personal allowance. I am done digging this hole in credit card debt. If is not enough to make minimum payments anymore. I absolutely refuse to get up at the asscrack of dawn everyday and go to work just to have my hard-earned cash wasted on shit food like McDonalds. I am not going to be that person working until I am 100 while you enjoy your life sleeping whenever you want and playing video games. I want to retire someday so I can enjoy my free time too and our current lifestyle will never allow that to happen.


<3 CurleySue

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  1. Such a lovely entry 🙂 I wish you a good year 🙂

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