Spirit Attachment from Channeling

Just the other day on an online forum discussion that I had been following regarding whether it is safe or not to use spirit boxes, I read a post by a woman who clearly had much experience with using spirit boxes and communicating with spirits in general. She claimed to be a sensitive and I wholly believe her. Her long experiences with spirit communication and using spirit boxes was nothing like my own however, as she stated that her experiences have been primarily positive and on the infrequent occasions when she does encounter malevolent spirits, she merely breaks off the communication and the matter is over. She seemed dismissive in my opinion, of the dangers of engaging in this type of activity, more or less saying that any danger comes from the person doing the channeling not so much from the spirits themselves.  She did however say something that caught my eye in particular. She stated that she frequently receives messages from spirits in her head. 

 Now it seems likely to me, just by her overall take on her own situation, that the messages that she receives are nothing like the abusive harassment that I’ve endured but she admitted that she receives these messages as voices in her head at times. Since these messages do not seem to trouble her, she has no problems about receiving them in her head from time to time. To her it seems, this is all just part of being a sensitive. Yet, it seemed to me, that since her messages were of a more benign nature, she was rather dismissive of talk of dangers, negative spirits, spirit attachments, etc… Yet she is fully aware that engaging in communication with spirits can result in hearing voices or receiving messages in this manner. Perhaps it does only happen to sensitives, I cannot say with certainty, but this activity has resulted in her hearing voices it would seem, though to a much lesser degree than in my own case.

  What I think she may be overlooking is the fact that many people would probably not want to be hearing any voices in their head at all, whether it is a benign voice or otherwise. Many would probably find this experience unsettling and intrusive, especially if the voices just seemed to come and go as they pleased. Does it make it any better that one result of using spirit boxes or any kind of channeling for that matter could result in hearing benign, even friendly voices in your head? The result is still hearing voices from engaging in this kind of activity. Anyone just starting out with this, should I hope, at least be aware that voice hearing is something that it could lead to, whether the voices are saying positive things or negative things.

 I have seen many individuals state that one can protect themselves from negative energies by simply radiating positive energy.  By doing this, that all negative energies can be cleared away.  Of course, we are all comprised of energy of one kind or another, but I tell you this, these harassing spirits that have been a constant nuisance to me since the late winter of 2015, are not merely to be thought of as negative energy. They are individuals, with individual personalities. From my exhausting experience with dealing with them, they cannot, repeat, cannot be driven away by simply feeling positive, imagining oneself immersed in radiant light, or burning incense. Perhaps these techniques work for this purpose in other kinds of circumstances, but they will not work in this kind of attachment situation. 

   Think of it this way, if a robber broke into your home, tied you to a chair and then proceeded to rob your home of all of its valuables, would imagining yourself immersed in radiant light do a damn thing at all?  No…of course it wouldn’t. This situation is more similar to that kind of scenario. I’m not saying this to dismiss anyone’s beliefs on these matters, as I said, perhaps in certain kinds of situations, these techniques are effective. I merely state my opinion on this matter based upon my own experience with dealing with these malevolent spirits on a day to day basis for over a year and a half now.  What concerns me is that some might engage in activities such as attempting spirit communication or intentionally trying to open psychic perceptions with the belief that if they find themselves in some kind of trouble, they can simply fix the matter by such means as thinking positively, burning sage, and imagining themselves immersed in radiant light. These things will do nothing if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself the target of harassment by malevolent spirits to this degree. 

  Dealing with them is not merely dealing with negative energy any more than being robbed by a criminal is merely dealing with negative energy. The matter cannot be reduced to simple and vague concepts like this. Certainly, negative energy is a part of it, but you’re also dealing with intelligent entities with free will just like us.  They will not run away from your words or what you’re imagining in your head quite that easily.  This is not to say that these things could not be a part of some overall means and effort towards gaining strength in dealing with and overcoming this situation. But again, I just want to convey that these situations can be allot trickier to deal with than is often portrayed in various places. 

  In activities, such as attempting to communicate with the worlds of spirit, one should not assume before even getting started, that they will necessarily know how to handle the situation effectively if things turn out bad. This kind of situation that I experienced would blindside anyone and literally knock them on their asses for a time. These activities carry with them real dangers and these dangers can lead to troubles that are not so easy to escape from. One should never get involved with these things thinking that these dangers are an insignificant matter. 

   After living with this condition of hearing these malevolent voices every day for the past year and a half, I think that I can accurately say that I’ve learned a few things about how they operate. In essence, these voices are masterful deceivers or as I like to call them “Kool-Aid Peddlers.”  They will fabricate elaborate storylines to get your head spinning, to sink their voices and words into your mind…they want you to drink their Kool-Aid.  They will conceive their lies based upon the individual. These negative voices are all about getting a reaction out of you and since they are negative voices, they aim for you to react to them with emotions of fear, anxiety and depression.  The voices will pull from your mind the things that may incite these negative emotions if they are twisted around in certain ways. If you’re religious, they might assume the identities of angels, demons, Lucifer and even God.  In my own case, they tried to convince me that I was possessed by Lucifer for a time but that all of Heaven was grateful to me because I had been keeping Lucifer occupied. This is a text book example of “the Kool-Aid.” 

   The voices many also assume the identity of persons that you may know.  This has not happened to me, but I have seen cases where the voices can sound like your friends, family and neighbors, so that when you’re actually around these people, a sense of awkwardness can be created.  The voices in my case, sometimes like to act like they’re trying to help me correct some issue with my life, like a character flaw or bad habit or such, but they will constantly be talking about this, making critical and judgmental comments about it constantly, even to the extent that I can’t even get to sleep at night without taking some form of sleep-aid.

  The voices are not just extremely annoying to hear, but in devious and clever ways, each voice is trying to throw out a lure with some out there total BS trying to get you to think about the content of the words, hoping you’ll start believing them and if you start believing them, then you may be opening yourself up to drinking “the Kool-Aid.”

   Though my own brief experimentation with EVP resulted in utter disaster, I do recognize that for many that do venture into this field of research, these types of life altering, troubling disturbances are never (or at least rarely) experienced, at least not often to this extreme degree where as a result of their EVP activity, they are stricken with a condition of hearing voices outside of their recordings for a prolonged basis.  Though my brief experimentation with EVP did not end well, in fact, it would be more accurate to say simply that it did not end in that the voices that at one time I was only hearing upon playback of my recordings, I still hear on a day to day basis, only now I hear them with just my ears. I hear them every day and have for the past year and a half now…long after I have quit doing EVP altogether. But since that time that I was doing EVP back in the winter of 2015, something about my hearing has changed and I have as of yet been unable to completely change it back.  It is as if now I can hear “into” noises and sounds in a strange way. I can hear into silence itself and there I find them, these voices, these voices that speak directly to me, these voices that are always a constant intrusion into my life. These voices can be most menacing, most disruptive and this seems to me to be the goal that they seek to achieve.

   Many who will take up EVP, will never hear the voices in this manner. They may only hear them on recordings, and then sometimes only intermittently. What they hear, what the voices say, may often seem benign, non-threatening, perhaps benevolent, even humorous, and who am I to say that that they are truly not.  Perhaps sometimes, the EVP voices originate from more benevolent or at least non-threatening sources. But what I do know after experiencing what I’ve experienced and seeing numerous accounts very similar to my own, is that sometimes these voices that are heard on EVP recordings originate from sources that I have no doubt, are very hostile in nature. Perhaps I am being a pessimist some might say, but many don’t live with this condition that I’ve been stricken with, of living in some type of clairaudience nightmare. That’s what some of these malevolent spirits can do. Whether it is with their abilities or perhaps it’s something involving the interaction with them through EVP in itself (and in fact any other means of spirit communication) remains a mystery, but there is a danger of becoming clairaudient to an extreme and intrusive level. Trust me when I tell you, this is clairaudience that you don’t want because it is something that is not (and I stress this) not easily controlled. You could find yourself living in a world of hostile voices. In many cases that I’ve seen, the tormenting voices are also accompanied by disturbing physical attacks and abuses.

   I know that the disaster that befell me does not happen to everyone that experiments with EVP. I’d wager to say that the percentage is probably quite small, but I do know that it is happening to a percentage of people that take up EVP.  One just starting out or thinking about starting out in this field of research should be aware before picking up that voice recorder for the first time that this is a risk and this is what this risk looks like. You can get into a spirit attachment situation where malevolent spirits can cause you to hear menacing voices outside of the recordings to an extreme degree. A percentage of these spirits that people are communicating with when they do EVP, are hostile. If they find some door, some way to come through the recordings, to come through and wreak havoc in your life, they will seek this out.  They can follow you when you turn off and put down that recorder. Again, I know some would say I’m overly pessimistic, but I feel that there needs to be these accounts put out there, from people speaking out about their experiences, the knowledge they’ve gained (sometimes the hard way).

  As paranormal interest and research is on the rise in this day and age, the dangers need to be spoken about as well.  It is no small matter to venture into this unknown frontier and the dangers of these ventures are no small matter as well.  Some of what we are (and will continue) to encounter in this field is hostile and this must always be taken into consideration when venturing forth down this path.



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