Spirit Oppression : The Puppet Masters

In the first few months of this ordeal, it was as if these malevolent spirits tried to set themselves up as my puppet masters. They sought to terrify me, judge me and control me.  The fact that I was dealing with these invisible, other worldly forces was in itself enough to fill me with a crippling sense of panic. This was still all so new to me. All of this had gone down so quickly, it had only been a couple of months since I had stopped recording EVP, when things went terribly bad and I first started hearing these malevolent spirit voices outside of my recordings. Now here I was, surrounded by them at all times. They would threaten me with execution, then they would tell me that my execution was delayed for another time, but that it was coming.

  One evening, they put me through some sort of trial of judgement. They told me that night, that they were taking me to either Heaven or Hell. Instead, they had me running from room to room in my own house, thinking that every time I opened a door, the spirits of departed family would be waiting for me to take me off to Heaven. But by the time I had gotten to each room, my judgment had swung back the other way and now I was going to Hell. In reality, I never found anything in any room, just these voices and I wasn’t taken anywhere.

  For months, I was living under the shadow of their judgments and condemnations of me.  They made it seem like there was a gigantic spotlight shining down upon me. That all of Heaven and Hell were watching these events unfold, that every thought, every action would be seen, heard and scrutinized by all who ever were, are and would be. Constantly from them there was always this negative, judgmental, condemning language. Their intentions became obvious as time went on. They wanted me to believe them so that I could be constantly full of negative emotions just as they were.

  They were tyrannical in nature and I simply refused to accept that they were any kind of legitimate judges over me at all. Psychological torment was what they were doing here and I simply began to refuse to give anything that they said to me, any of their elaborate decrees any credibility. These malevolent earthbound spirits are no judges at all…they may sometimes claim that they have this authority, but it is only another part of their mind games.  They seek to set themselves up as puppet masters to dominate and cause as much distress as possible. One need but be observant of their methods and means to see the agenda behind the mirage of deceptions that they create



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