Sunday January 1st

I am staying with my Air BnB person for the first time tonight. I am here now. It is much nicer than where I stayed in New York, of course, that wouldn’t take much! 

I got a lot of stuff out of the house today. Everything is out from upstairs now. I still have stuff in the garage and kitchen. I have got to finish that up tomorrow after school. I may try to take my stuff to the consignment store during my planning tomorrow. That would really be best- if I went on and dealt with it. Everything has to be out of the house tomorrow. My closing is on Tuesday. I have already scheduled the payments to my 2 credit cards. I will have both of them paid off! I have got to start showing some self-control. I cannot run up debt like that anymore. 

I am going to email Daniela tomorrow and ask her if I can start shipping some of my school stuff to my new school. I can’t think of any way that would be easier than that. If I haul it all to my apartment, then I’ll have to haul it all to school. I think shipping it seems easiest. 

My neck is stiff from sleeping in the floor and on that air mattress. I dreamed really crazy stuff while I was sleeping so rough. Last night, I dreamed I was working in a school that moved me from teaching science to the library and I also taught history in the library. The reason they moved me there is because none of the books had been inventoried, so they wanted me to create an inventory of all the books in the library, and also the school store was in the library and they wanted me to inventory that stuff as well. So weird. 

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