Woken up by my parents shouting in a fight, I decided to stay in bed for some more time. I have an appointment at my psychologist’s this afternoon. I should also start doing some schoolwork even though there’s two weeks left until school starts. 

Yesterday I, as planned (which is a miracle because nothing ever goes as planned for me), I went out when our visitors were about to come. I went to the park and smoked there, then I went to get tea at a café and soon my friend who I had invited came over. We talked about how stressful it can be to stay for so long at a house with your family – the curse of holidays. When I got home, I shook hands with our visitors (thank God, the kids hadn’t come) and had a lot to eat. 

This year I will try to do more of what I love and I’ll try to look at people with less hatred, I’ll try not to only see the worst in everything. Hating other people can only do you bad and if you look at everything with hatred, how do you look at yourself? 

Among other things, I have to try to study harder and be more relaxed and not pick a fight every time something isn’t my way. 

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