A Danger of Channeling Spirits


Spirit Box Schizophrenia

  Just like my previous post about how I had also come across a case of a woman who began hearing constant tormenting voices and suffered from physical attacks after engaging in spirit communication by means of automatic writing, I have also met others who also were afflicted with this horrible condition after using Spirit Boxes.  These cases (including my own) usually progress generally in the same manner.
   At first a person will receive benevolent communications through whatever means of spirit communication that they are employing. This leads to a false sense of security as well as the person being lured in (perhaps out of amazement or perhaps out of curiosity) to continue communicating with these spirits that they have come into contact with.  Then either gradually or all at once, these spirits will turn malevolent on the person and commence attacking them by means of a constant barrage of tormenting voices and in many cases, physical attacks as well.
  These voices will attempt to batter your mind to a pulp, to overload you with fear and anxiety, to berate you and criticize you in an extreme manner.
   They will subject you to psychological torments and distressing mind games. They will chatter constantly throughout the night in an effort to deprive you of sleep. They will try and pull you out of your own reality and cause you to live in a waking nightmare.  
   This is what at least one of the dangers of channeling spirits (by whatever means) looks like. Evil spirits are masters of deception……masters…….and if they lure you in, there is a very real chance that they will attack you by means of causing you to hear constant voices.

 Recently I met a woman online whose story was very similar to my own. Like me, she had also started to hear menacing voices and experience physical attacks after engaging in spirit communication via automatic writing. It seems that automatic writing had gotten her into the same horrible situation that I had gotten myself into by experimenting with EVP.

 Just like me, she has been experiencing physical attacks than have been seriously disrupting her sleep routine, creating real problems with her health. This is something that I to have been facing on a day to day basis since this oppression situation first started for me a year and a half ago. Every night is a battle to get enough sleep. As soon as my head hits the pillow, these malevolent earthbound spirts start creating all sorts of disturbing physical sensations on my body in an obvious effort to cause disruption and prevent me from getting a good night of rest. There have been numerous occasions where these entities have kept me awake the entire night, throwing off my sleep routine for days.

 Usually, sleep aids help me along to sleep, but sometimes they fail me and I’m stuck in an insomnia situation having to deal with the tormenting voices and physical abuse of these entities all night long. When I read this woman’s account, I could connect with it right away because it was so much like what I have been experiencing since the Spring of 2015 and it was very similar to other accounts I’ve seen from people who also started to hear voices and experience these physical attacks after engaging in some form of spirit communication.

Like me, she also believed that she was in communication with benevolent spirits in the beginning, and just like my situation, they turned on her suddenly and proceeded to torment her night and day with voices and physical attacks. After all of the accounts I’ve found of this type of spirit oppression, there is no doubt in my mind that the means of spirit communication, whether EVP, automatic writing, or whatever, has very little to with anything. One means of spirit communication is not safer than another, they are all equally dangerous and one of these dangers is that one can start hearing voices non-stop at a psychosis level as well as experience these disturbing physical abuses. Every single day, the voices are always present. Sometimes, they are like faint voices in my head, sometimes they are strong voices from the outside coming in over a particular background noise, but they are always with me now….they are attached. Sometimes I can block them out by distracting myself, sometimes they are too strong to completely ignore and I simply have not found a way yet to ignore the physical stuff. If you feel something, you just feel it.

This is what spirit attachment can look like. It can look like voices bombarding you constantly, criticizing everything you do and have ever done, lying constantly, saying anything to try and instill fear and anxiety in you and unfortunately, once some doors are opened, they are not so easily closed. In my own opinion, engaging in activities such as automatic writing, EVP, using a Ouija Board, are simply too dangerous. There is simply no way to know who or what it is you’re communicating with. When I first started doing EVP, the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were extremely engaging, responsive and benevolent, but little did I know at the time that I was walking right into a trap and that my life would soon become a living nightmare. I was deceived by master deceivers.

All of this activity is playing with fire, period. Sometimes, the results may not be so outwardly disastrous, but I’ve also seen many cases where people simply change engaging in this type of activity, and not for the better. If these malevolent spirits don’t turn on them and attack out right, they’ll fill their head with all sorts of fantasies, manipulate them and have them drinking the “Kool -aid”. It’s simply not worth it.



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