A Danger of EVP


The Stadium Effect

 I went out on my back deck to smoke a cigarette or two or even three.  I had just been out there smoking about half an hour before but there was little else that I could do to pass the time that even remotely helped me to calm my nerves.  I was now spending the majority of my days either lying in bed, unable to sleep or even rest, just staring at the walls enduring a constant barrage of menacing voices and physical abuses at the hands of these unknown, but without a doubt, malevolent spirits that had been tormenting me on an ever increasing basis ever since I had dabbled with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) only a few months prior, back during the winter months of 2015.

  I remember it was a bright and sunny warm afternoon in April. As I sat out on my back deck smoking, it seemed like my senses were becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of tormenting voices that I was hearing. All around me, I was hearing voices that were mocking me, berating me, and threatening me. I vividly remember the all too familiar female voice that I consider my primary tormentor saying

“this is the biggest haunting of all time”

 There was a slight breeze that afternoon and the various voices seemed to ricochet and multiply off of the sound of the breeze sweeping through the trees. This strange effect increased to the point to where it seemed like I was literally in the center of an enormous sports stadium and I was being mocked and berated by thousands upon thousands of voices. The sheer scale of this terrifying voices effect almost paralyzed me with dread right on the spot. It was like a wind storm of voices was slamming through my mind.

 I was filled with fearful thoughts. I wondered if this was what every day was going to be like now…every day for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, this turned out to not be the case at all.  I only experienced this terrifying, nightmarish “Stadium Effect” a hand full of times and these occasions were all early on in my ordeal.  Looking back now, it seems like some sort of shock & awe tactic used by these spirits to instill an extreme level of fear in me. On those few occasions when I did experience this “Stadium Effect” of voices, my mind was literally taken to the edge of the breaking point. It is something that I hope I never have to endure again and it is certainly an experience that I will not soon forget.

The Refrigerator Voices

Friday, October 7, 2016


 Here I am, just past eight o’clock on a Wednesday evening. I’m trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book in my main living room which happens to be right next to my kitchen. There is no wall that separates them. To no great surprise, I’m hearing voices emerging from the steady hum of my refrigerator. These spirits speak over the noise of my refrigerator quite allot. In fact, literally every night while I’m trying to get to sleep, the same voice is always speaking to me over the sound of the refrigerator (at least while it’s humming). It would seem that even some of our everyday appliances can act as a sort of microphone for these spirits to project their voices over.

  I am fully aware how bizarre this all sounds, but I want this blog to reflect in some degree of detail, what going through this type of spirit obsession/oppression experience is like.  Much of it is very surreal and to most, it sounds like utter lunacy but that’s how it is folks. When malevolent spirits attack, their oppression can in many ways mirror clinical insanity. Yet I do not feel sick in anyway. I’m worn out at times from the whole experience yes, but I feel like the same person that I always was, it’s just that now I can hear these spirits and feel them when they cause me physical disturbances. At times I can even see them to some limited degree.  Quite often I will see what essentially looks like the outline of a humanoid form, usually it’s the upper body (head and shoulders) drifting across my field of vision in a floating manner. But then in just a few brief moments, it’s gone. Occasionally as well, I swear that I see what looks like a small patch of mist or smoke dart out in front of me. This occurrence almost always takes place in my home when I’m least expecting it and always catches me by surprise. It’s there and gone in just a few brief moments.

  Running fans, running water, the sound of my car engine, the wind rustling through the trees, rain, television, radio, music, my washing machine, of course my refrigerator and much more I’m sure….through all of these things, countless times, I have heard and continue to hear these voices. The good news is that the strength and intensity of the voices for the most part, has weakened significantly since the first few months of this ordeal back in 2015. Now when I hear them very intensely, it is usually because they can still occasionally “turn it up a notch”, but it doesn’t seem like it can be sustained at an intense level for very long now.  Whatever clairaudience perception I opened while experimenting with EVP does seem to have dulled quite a bit with the passage of time. Why this is, I cannot say for sure but I suspect that at least to some degree, it has to do with the fact that I can control my emotional state much better now. I’m no longer in a constant state of anxiety over this situation anymore.

 I say this because when I am occasionally experiencing a high level of stress or anxiety (for whatever reason) the voices do seem to gain in strength and intensity as a result of this. Extreme negative emotional states such as anxiety often make the voices that I hear that much more present. When I’m calmer, the voices are much weaker and sometimes I don’t hear them at all for periods of time.



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