An obligatory introduction to my new venting system!

So, I have decided to start 2017 with a few positive changes, just little things to help keep my mind clearer and give myself more positive energies. 2016 had way too many ups and downs, too many dramas and hostility. I don’t want that anymore, so, I am having a little detox. Clearing the mind of all the toxicity that has been clouding my sunshine, my willpower, my positive aura. I’m not a hippie, or a preacher of any kind, I just think it is healthy to have something, whatever it may be, that gives you that sense of motivation and drive to do whatever it is you wish to pursue. I have made my own memory jar; Everyday, I will write a little note, date it and put it in a glass jar; It will say something that made me happy on the date written. So, at the end of the year, I can look back and remind myself of all the great things I have done and achieved. I have already started by writing one today; The jar is pretty empty at the moment, but I cannot wait to fill it up and read the memories. I suppose you could call it ”soul food”. 

If you are wondering why I have chosen to do this, here is my explanation…

I have undergone 4 surgeries in the past year or so, and right now, I am awaiting my 5th procedure, which is on January 14th. I would like to think that now, until I travel, I can use the time to psychologically prepare myself, to spend time reflecting on things, and just generally looking after myself. Right now, I am on five different medications, all for the same reason. Since August 2015, I have had recurring infections, which have made things quite restrictive and difficult. I am in pain most days, but I have built up a very high pain threshold since, which has it’s limits, but like I say, the power of the mind is key when you are face with difficult roads. Basically, to put it bluntly, I have problems with my ”water works’, I will leave it at that. But, for those of you who know my problems in that department, I am due to get it fixed next week in London, well, I hope so anyway. The fact I am taking so many medications to just control it, takes it toll. I dislike taking so many different medications because after a while, I feel like my body hasn’t had actual time to recover. As much as medications are helpful and work, they take away the good bacteria that helps build or immune system, thus making us feel pretty crappy. I want to ensure that I am at my optimum level, that my mind is in a positive place and my body is well prepared for what is going to be happening.

So from now until then, that is EXACTLY what I am going to do, look after number one and get myself ready for my next London Adventure. 

I will leave it at that for now, this was ”supposedly” meant to be a ”short intro”…I am going to be posting on here everyday, or when I can as a new venting technique. If people know me personally, they will know I can be a hot head on social media and have a rant and rave. I am hoping this helps stop that.

Anyway, I am off to bed to rest my head (Hey, that rhymes!)

Speak tomorrow 🙂

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