Do you know how much sugar is in that ???!!!! …YES I AM!

So, I’m standing in line at a store, and sipping quietly to myself a Mountain Dew when all of a sudden the lady in front of me turns around, looks at me, looks down at my soda and says, “Are you aware of how much sugar is in that”?….Wait, What??? What the hell is the purpose for this conversation she’s trying to put in play??? First of all….have you seen me? Surely, standing behind you in this long ass line, you’ve glanced at my rotund body shape therefore I’d hope you’d gather that sugar is the LEAST of my worries. Secondly, I’m not the moron you portray me as. I am QUITE aware of all the shit loads of sugar that’s in it, I just don’t care. If I DID care, I probably wouldn’t be drinking it in the first place. 

I wish I understood the meaning of her actually saying those awful things to a complete stranger. It’s not like I’m going to go, “Oh what? REALLY? Well shit, I better throw this away RIGHT NOW”.  

Needless to say, some asshole is going to comment on this and try to sound intelligent by saying some bullshit like, “She was just trying to be nice” or “she was just trying to make you aware”.  That’s not her job. Her job is to stand there, in line, and pay for her 48lb bag of dog food and her 207 bottles of wine and get the hell out of my damn way! 

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