Earning An iPhone

iPhone’s are probably the most expensive and most overrated things ever, yet I, being a very shallow and excessively stubborn first-world teenager, still want one (or I should say, a new one) really badly, just because the first phone I got was an iPhone and I’m used to the way it works.

I mean, I know Android phones work just fine and are a heck of a lot cheaper, but still, I like Apple products. I like how sleek and shiny they look. I also hate using other people’s Android phones and accidentally forgetting that you can’t really swipe the same way and then getting that weird white balloon thing at the edge……..

The first and only phone I’ve ever used is an iPhone 4S–which I started using in October 2014 and have been using since then. It’s an old model, yes, and it’s a tad small for all my YouTube-watching needs, but I love how compact and cold and metallic it feels in my hand, and I’m completely familiar with how it works and what it can do.

I actually treat my phone very well, considering the fact that I’ve been using it for a bit more than two years and it still doesn’t have a scratch or crack on it. The only problem is that its battery is dying, and sometimes it freezes up when I’ve been using it for too long (which happens all the time when you go on YouTube marathons), but otherwise, I’d say it’s in pretty good condition.

Since I am very scared of this poor phone dying on me though–because according to the internet, the average lifespan for a phone like this is about two years–I have been looking at replacement options. The phone I would want as a replacement would be the iPhone SE–it’s relatively new, so it can use newer versions of iOS; it’s pretty (I don’t want a 6 or 7 because they no longer have the nice metallic edge); it’s larger than my current phone but not too clumsy to hold for someone with wood-block hands like me; and reactions have been favorable to it.

However, the SE is NOT cheap–$399+ for a 16GB, unlocked one. I won’t buy a refurbished or second-hand phone, because I don’t trust the damage other people inflict on phones (seeing phones with cracked phones makes me shudder), and I don’t know if I want a two-year contract, as it’s supposedly difficult to switch carriers, so I can only buy an unlocked one………….

I do HAVE enough money to buy an unlocked phone, but I don’t think I’d have enough to then buy a phone plan, unless it was a pay-as-you-go plan–but, being an idiot, I’m not really sure how I would activate that. Of course, the case wouldn’t be expensive, I wouldn’t buy any accessories for the phone, nor would I buy any apps/music/movies, so other than the phone itself and the plan, I wouldn’t have to worry about any other fees.

Anyway, after all this rambling, I just wanted to say that I plan on earning some more money before I actually get another phone. My current baby still has life in it yet–although the battery now drains at a sometimes alarming rate–so I don’t need to be too worried. I’m going to find a job or something during the summer (not during the school year because I have to walk everywhere and it’s exhausting), and I also plan on entering a lot of writing competitions, where you submit your poetry and short stories and such. Who knows, I might win something. I probably won’t, considering my writing abilities are terrible, but who knows–maybe.

After all, I can’t ask my parents for money for a new phone when it’s so expensive and there’s no reason I have to buy an iPhone and not an Android phone. Nah, they have enough to worry about without me getting on their case for not buying a needlessly expensive phone. So there’s that. I can’t understand how other people actually ask their parents for money…………I would be ashamed to do that, unless it was something I really, really needed. That’s why I plan on saving more money to buy an iPad of my own, after (if?) I can buy the phone first. Also, if you buy something with your own money, you can feel safe about using it because your parents can’t punish you by taking it away lol 😛 and you don’t have to feel guilty for spending their money.


2017, whooo. I have a good feeling about this year, although I’m not really sure why. School’s starting up again on Thursday, so I have a two-day week, lol. I have the SAT in nineteen days, two AP exams coming up in May, and then my college applications and whatnot. Also, my dad is going to stay here from the beginning of February to the middle of May. I don’t really know what he’ll do here; he’ll probably hate it, being in a place where he can’t just stroll around the countryside like he does now.

Have a good day and stay chill.

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  1. I have a cell phone that you can buy a new one for 10 Dollars and I have had it for 3 years, it’s not like I can’t buy an Android or IPhone all of my family members have androids but I choose not to buy one.
    Today I’ll Write an entry about just this. Read it you might find it interesting. 🙂

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