I reach for you only to find strings and conditions attached.1/6/17

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Negative head space again. Why does he always bring this out in me. I don’t get it I will be fine then I will talk to him and boom I feel horrible. I guess my feeling and emotions toward him are all messed up. He refuses to take responsibility for making me feel how a do. The jerk…but it’s not his intentions to hurt me and really my feelings aren’t his responsibility they are mine and I need to own and manage them. I happen to suck at that but I’m working on it. I just wish my mentor understood that I can’t trust the words of someone I need actions as I’ve been told exactly what I needed to hear to convince me to do things but the words where never followed through with and I was left destroyed completely and it took me a long time to repair the damage that was done. I don’t want to go back there I can’t afford to do so. But I’m miserable where I am now. I guess it doesn’t matter. I won’t ever have anything or anyone else. Since I am not willing to risk myself to give my submission to someone who I can’t seem to relie on at all. So that collar I finally got back together means nothing. As I won’t be wearing it anymore after today.


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