Inceridble life with a lot of ups and downs

When I look back I realize my life has been really incredible with a lot of ups and downs, happiness and sorrows.

Today when I came home from University and my Job my two little brothers went into the kitchen one made some “Chappi Kabbab” and the other  prepared “Naan” for everyone. How did it end up this way. We used to fight each other all the times. I also have two elder sister and used to fight with them too.

All of us do everything and when I say everything I mean all the house chores, cleaning, repairing, washing, sweeping and all that stuff. This wasn’t the case at all 5 or 6 years ago. Like every other siblings we used to fight a lot did nothing to help in the house chores or when we did we did very little. Everything was done by our Mother.

My mother over worked her self, and again when I say over worked, I mean really over worked herself. Doctors reported that she had worn out parts of her vertebral column and now even in the age of 40 she has vertebral column of 70 year old women. My still didn’t stop working she would still do everything for us, she would cook for us, clean the house do the laundry, dishes, shopping, she would also take us to school and would then bring us back home, she did all this until she could do no more.

My dad has spend nearly all his married life in another country earning for us, his family. He wasn’t here and she did all of his share of work too.

There came a point when she wasn’t even able to sit for more then 20 minutes let alone walk and work. It was then we realized that now it time for us to take care of her like her cared for us. We are 5 siblings and all of together weren’t able to do everything she did alone.

We started doing all the work still Mother was always helping us. I don’t think we ever stopped fighting until my eldest sister got married.

I some times mop the floor, do the dishes, do the dusting, wash clothes, press the clothes often, sometimes help my sister in cooking and still Mother helps in everything.

She once started crying when she was in pain and we got home form school, college, university etc. She said she is crying she is unable to take care of us.

I love my Mom and I will continue to forever.  


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