January Focus

Following on from my 2016 summary, I have decided where to focus my efforts at the beginning of 2017 using some of the tools I learnt from belonging to a goal sharing website before it closed down.

I found the number 5 to be a good number for me so I will start by making lists of five ..

I would also join monthly bootcamps setting goals to work on through each month ..

January is always a hard month and always feels to last the longest .. its that whole comedown of the busy run up to Christmas, the excitement of the festive season leading on to the new year of fresh hopes and dreams .. then January 1st hits and its just like any of the other 365 days in a year and reality prevails .. trying to settle back into the routine norm .. watching the budget after so much spending and getting paid earlier where a monthly wage has to last nearly two weeks longer .. the days are cold and quite often damp and dark and Spring can’t come soon enough .. with this in mind I have made some bullet points of where I want to start in 2017 with little steps to build upon.

Work: Use a daily action list in my new work diary so I can cross them off for organised success.

Finances: Pay January’s bills .. Start planning a weekly meal list .. Register my Costa coffee card for 100 points .. Look at discounts offered through my work and register for my supermarket shop.

Health: Change the habit of a lifetime and go to bed earlier .. Start winding down at 11.30 to be in bed by midnight every night through January including weekends.

Home: Try on the pile of jeans set aside for keep or give away as part of my decluttering goal .. Organise new cushions still in the bag from 2016 ..

Creativity: my daughter bought me a mindful colouring book back in March 2016 .. Colour one picture in January .. Sew the seam of my favourite blue heart lounge bottoms .. Maintain posting on Goodnight Journal.

Charitable: Make at least two more loans on Kiva.

By making weekly lists of at least five of the above actions I will see the beginnings of change through this first month of a brand new year.

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