Journal Day 70 – The Journey

January 1st 2017

I woke up early this morning and first thing I did was run outside. I ran 3-4 miles without any contacts or glasses on so I could re-adjust my vision. I also ate some dark fruits afterwards for breakfast and I palmed my eyes with an eye mask heater. It worked, I noticed my vision improve immediately.

However, I didn’t do so well during the rest of the day. I was full conscious of every second and it was a bright and sunny day outside. I had nothing planned to do though, so I just sat at home and browsed the Internet. That was my entire day. Of course most of my day was spent researching and studying a multitude of different topics, but not any of the difficult topics that I should have been studying.

I had a lot of homework and other assignments due this month. I really need to do these assignments daily, like, spend 3-4 hours on them daily if I want to get done by the due date. Yet, I slacked. Why? I don’t know.

Anyway, at night I did something terrible. I played video games again. There were some games I felt like I wanted to try out, games that I had already purchased, and I played them without really thinking about it. Damn. I ended up staring at the computer screen for a few hours in a dark room at night until 4 AM. I didn’t notice the time moving. I feel so bad, because that process has damaged my vision as well. Despite my efforts to try and improving it, doing that activity without taking any breaks was bad. It’s the same as eating tons of food after exercising, it reverses the entire beneficial activity.

Oh, something I did learn from playing video games for a few hours though: getting what you want right away isn’t satisfying. The game I played would have taken several hours or even days of playing to unlock certain things, but I cheated and made the game give me 9999999 monies. The game I played was a spaceship game where you are the captain of a spaceship; you can hire a crew, you can buy upgrades for the ship, research new capabilities, trade with other planets, do missions, and even travel to different galaxies.

Using the money I was able to get the best of everything. I was able to hire the best people, I was able to get the best upgrades, I was able to purchase anything. It was fun for a while, but it made the rest of the game boring. I didn’t find any need to travel to a different galaxy anymore and explore because I already had everything. I didn’t like spaceship anymore because everyone gets destroyed due to my ultimate upgrades. The rest of the game, though still really addicting, just felt so boring afterwards.

That’s when I learned that not getting what you want right away is a good advantage to strive for more. When you get what you want without trying, you don’t appreciate it as much. I enjoyed playing the game doing missions, exploring, and unlocking abilities. After I unlocked everything, there was a great feeling of accomplishment initially, but it wore off fast after I dominated every encounter I had.

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