The joining of individual letters make one word that together entangle with others, giving rise to sentences, paragraphs, all eventual thoughts arisen from ones mind, is a marvel within itself.

The trick is not allowing the mind to disembarge, before these little letters are collected. By this time,  your mind is revved and ready. The pressure to release one’s thoughts explode. The truths, occurrences and explanatory recreations,  feelings come as a beautiful distortion that only one understands completely. 

It’s unfair to put emotion, real to life thoughts aside, to go word hunting in order to construct a sentence. It eventually becomes so mechanical, that you want to forget about all and everything. 

The objective is always to be understood. The challenge is to not let the fire in the mind fizzle. Each letter, each sentence, is a replication of that fire. It might not be as hot, but it may be good enough to enjoy.



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