The New Year!

Happy New Year!

Raining here, has been since New Years Eve. But we had a great party! Lots of friends, lots of good food and booze! Kat and terry spent the night and that is always great.

Debbie and I have renewed our love for each other in a most delicious way today, having stayed in bed all day! She did a little fashion show for me by trying on the new lingerie I bought her for Christmas. “Adore Me” is a most fantastic site to buy from!!

I have had an extended time off from work, I developed a sore on my toe from my steel toe boots, so I called in sick Friday. I return to work tomorrow with dread. I would rather spend all my time in Debbie’s arms.

Getting ready to head out in the rain to get a battery for Debbie’s Grandfather’s truck. We bought it from the estate last week and we are finally getting everything in line to bring it home. Lots of work to do on it tough, I think the power windows are screwed. I would like to make a kind of street rod out of it. I would like to do the body work, which is not much on first glance, do a wee bit of engine mods and then jack up the rear with wide tires, and drop the front and run narrow tires, all much in the vein of how we ran cars and trucks back in the ’70’s.

Still need to get the Jeep going, many grand plans there as well!

Well, need to dash!

Happy New Year to all! 

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