Wide awake…back to school in the morning great🙄 so much seems to go on recently I’m feeling the need to write it down. 

I’m single…in the dating game, as they say but the game has changed!!! Since when did it get so fucking complicated! Not that I make it easy on myself I must admit. I’ve been on dating sites for roughly about 7mths now and boy is it messy! Good and bad…I’ve not come across complete weirdos, I’ve met some really nice guys but then they just disappear after a few dates. Starting to wonder if it’s me…clearly i’m giving out an odd vibe after the 2 week mark! I will try and bring you up to speed on the ‘love life’ over the next few days😩

Plenty of fish..been on and off this probably for the last 6 months…a the men have nicknames…obviously!. First guy I met we call rugby boy…because he played rugby. We are still in touch, lovely guy…he will probably pop up from time to time. We had a couple of dates and some fun but not really bf/gf material.

Next was action man..no explanation needed there…dead cute, one huge flaw though…he has a gf, was looking for some action on the side. He will also pop up quite regularly.  

Really should get some sleep now..will continue tomorrow.

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