Spirit Attachment Voices

January 7, 2017

  It’ snowing quite heavily right now and indeed, there is much snow down on the ground already. It looks like the storm is picking up. This is the first snow storm of this winter to hit my area. I still have these temporary electric heaters going because the heating in my condo is still down. Hopefully, I’ll have that taken care of this week. All week I have been hearing the all too familiar voices coming through the noise of these electric heaters because they basically sound like a running fan. One night earlier in the week, I was hearing them at a very intense level. My condo was essentially filled with voices. I had not heard them to this degree in quite some time. Throughout this whole ordeal, I have always heard the voices the strongest whenever I’m around a steady background noise. I’m not certain about the science and the particulars regarding this, but it would seem to me that these spirit attachments use the sound waves to manipulate so that they can make their voices more audible to me. But, there may also be another factor, a mental/mind or even it could be termed psychic factor involved. It is hard to describe with words, but I believe that often these entities are able to tap into and interfere with our thought processes. Many times I have heard these voices originating “from within” so to speak, but more often I’ll hear them as if they are originating external to me. Often, I will also feel a very faint breath hitting one of my earlobes while I’m hearing one of these external voices speaking to me.

  I’m trying not to interact with them anymore because with I have simply found this endeavor to be pointless and at least in my own case.  I have never really found any benefit when pursuing this. It’s hard not to interact with them completely though, especially when they are essentially attached to your life at all times. And at least with these entities that are attached to my life, I have never been able to establish any type of meaningful dialogue with them. I often say it’s like talking to a brick wall, nothing just ever seems to sink in. They seem set in their manner to an extreme degree. I have heard of other people’s spirit attachments changing their attitude over time, but I have not experienced this to any significant degree as of yet. So, I find it more beneficial to me at this time to keep working towards ignoring them as much as is possible. I really care little for anything that they have to say to me. I’m no longer curious about them. I’d much rather just be rid of them all together. I’m not looking for answers, I just want a sense of peace to be further restored to my life.

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