Day two has arrived and I am ready to go.

After spending a day with the journal browsing many of your posts, I found one thing in common.   Many of you have problems.  Likewise, I also have problems.  I choose, however, to ignore my problems.  I have lived a long full life and with that have life experience which my help many of you.  As I browse your posts, I will make comments which I believe may help you with your situation.  I am not attempting to replace professionals, however, due to my life experience I may see something that can help you at the place and time you are currently at.  If my perspective and opinion helps you that is great.

Because of my condition, I believe I can see things that while may have been pointed out to you before can be seen in a different perspective.

If you have a problem and would like my perspective please let me know.  I will be happy to provide you any views I might have.

2 thoughts on “DAY 2”

  1. The thing about journaling that makes it so great is that it is a space, all personalized, all quiet, just for me, or just for you.

    A lot of people don’t express these very personal thoughts / problems / emotions to those involved in their daily lives so they turn to their journals to let it all out.

    A world of kindness does us all some good.

  2. We all journal for different reasons but I’ve heard many times it is good therapy to write your thoughts out .. I’m not sure I could ignore my problems, I find they don’t always go away and need to be dealt with at some point .. I think it nice that you want to help other’s through your experiences, we can all learn from each other’s shared experiences after all, maybe you will write some of them out for us to read .. 🙂

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