Day 3 – 30 Days to True Health

Today was really a push day for me.  I was very lucky to take in a Power workout class with Cheryl, some fun shopping, followed by my 15 minute challenge workout (which was brutal), a visit with a great friend and then yin yoga and meditation/massage. 

I am completely exhausted (my arms hurt just holding them up to type) and my body is screaming to rest.  I’m heading there soon, but wanted to take a few moments and reflect on my day.  Staying busy makes the cravings easier to manage.  There’s no time to ponder my choices and make a mental walk through my pantry to find what evil junk may still be lurking in the dark corners.  

Oh but along comes husband and finds a bag of junk food, cowering in the back of the pantry,  knowing if I find them first, their time in my house ends with a trip to the trash can.  When Jim sat down beside me with them, I said “I’ll have one”.  He kindly handed one to me.  My head spun around and I said NO, I DON’T WANT ONE!  

What a great feeling.  I mean truly….one Fritos Hoop isn’t going to make me fat, but it breaks my commitment and makes me weak…..and ain’t nobody got time to be weak! 

So today was a successful strong day. I feel accomplished, proud and ready for tomorrow…..time to rest my muscles and let them repair.  Sleep tight. 

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