Weird Sensations

January 7, 2017

  I awoke this morning feeling a familiar sensation that these spirit attachments often cause me to feel. Often when I feel this particular sensation, I’ll say it’s “them” trying to kick my ass. No, the sensation is not like a beating or anything like that. What it essentially feels like is “something” quite small, perhaps just the size of a pea, sometimes a little bigger, say like the size of a blueberry, slamming against my body repeatedly. It doesn’t cause me pain or anything, but I’ll often feel this small object slamming into me over and over on occasion. I theorize (and I stress the word theorize) that these small objects that I feel are actually “them”, perhaps in a more basic, non-materialized form.

  In the past, there have been a few instances where I’ve felt essentially full size hands and fingers touching me. And when I feel the all too familiar vibration sensation that I so often feel at night, it does seem to be being caused by something larger in size, so I do believe that “they” often do materialize into larger forms. But perhaps these sensations from these smaller objects hitting me is essentially a case where these objects are “them” in a more basic form, but they are still trying to cause me disruption just like they always do.

  I don’t know why they do this, probably just to cause me annoyance. Annoying is exactly what it is, but annoying is still better than something terrifying. And as I’ve stated, back during the first few months of this ordeal back in 2015, I found much of the situation very terrifying. I now go about my life like I always did, only now I have to deal with these unfortunate annoyances from time to time. However, I am truly glad that they are just annoyances now. I stopped believing what I heard them say and I stopped fearing what I heard them say and by doing this, I was able to take away much of their power and much of their hold over me. I broke free from them and started living my life with me at the helm again. I truly hope that one day I will be free of these annoyances. But in the meantime, I will carry on because there is still so much that I enjoy in life. These negative spirit attachments have not, nor can they take that away from me, at least if I do not allow them to. This is still my life to live how I choose to. And I certainly choose not to live in fear of them or live under any type of tyranny that they seek to impose over me.

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