Jan 2, 2017

Well my classes opened today.  I cried when I read the syllabuses.  It is going to be a horrible 8 weeks.  I feel like I’m already behind as I have to read 300 pages by Wed. and that’s just for one of my two classes.  The other one is an advanced one in my major.  The other 2 classes I took I didn’t fail but I sure didn’t understand them.  I squeaked through them by memorizing the questions instead of understanding.


Right now I’m sitting in a hotel room about 6 hours from my home.  My youngest is done with camp tomorrow.  Pretty sure he hated it and will give me a hard time for another few days.  I’m listening to the awards banquet that’s being broadcasted live right now.  I should have gone since I’m part of the organization too and it would have been good PR from our local group for me to be there.  But I just didn’t want to deal with more fake smiles and butt kissing and politics.


Things have been pretty even and I honestly have nothing to say.  Only little problems right now.  Fingers crossed it stays that way for a very long time.

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