Lesson to be learned: Easy becomes tough if u take it lightly

In life every thing is not going as i have been expected. Recently i have sat for an IELTS exam and i got an unexpected results. I score high in both reading and listening but how come my score were very low in writing and speaking. I couldn’t believe at first sight but after having contemplating for a very long time i could sense that i might have made a horrible mistake in both writing and speaking. That is all due to my carelessness which might have hampered my exam. I blame it to myself because i thought that i will anyway score minimum band score in both writing and speaking so i blindly wrote what ever the stuffs that came into my mind without concentrating to the questions. While in speaking i realized that i didn’t talk to the point due to lake of concentration to the questions when asked by the examiner. Those were few lessons which i have learnt after having sat for an IELTS exam. 

Thought of the day ” Wise man learn through mistakes which he might have committed in the past while fools remain same even after having made a mistake in the past and he still commits the same mistakes in future”

Therefore, i have learnt a ample lesson in which i might have to try to improve  in the future. 

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  1. You have a good attitude. That’s beautiful. It will really help you in life!

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