Hearing Voices from Spirit Communication

January 3, 2017

  It’s like I’m in some vertigo of voices this evening. They are coming in over the noise of an electric space heater that I bought and am using temporarily until I get my main heating system fixed. It creates a steady background noise like a fan and they are using the noise to fill my condo with their damn voices. I’m contemplating shutting it off for the evening. I honestly don’t know what would be worse, to freeze my ass off or to hear these damn annoying voices. Just some typical bad luck, of course the heating in my condo had to break down right when this area is about to get hit with an arctic blast. And “they” are certainly taking advantage to make things as difficult for me as they possibly can.

January 4th, 2017

 Well I hope this evening goes better than last evening. I don’t know that the hell happened there last night but it’s like my whole condo was filled with voices. I haven’t heard “them” to that intensity for quite some time. I think it’s perhaps because I’m still running these electric heaters until I can get the heating in my condo fixed. It’s basically giving “them” a clean source of sound to project their voices through and it’s a sound that I’m not used to so that is a factor. Perhaps I have to adapt to the sound more, then I’ll be able to block out the voices better. Hopefully I’ll have my heating system fixed soon then this won’t even be an issue as much. Yes, I do hear them through the noise of the heating system as well, but perhaps since I’m more adapted to that particular noise, the presence of the voices coming through it is not as noticeable to me.

  Well, it’s a new year now and it’s the two year anniversary of when I first began experimenting with EVP (or I really should say channeling via EVP) back in the winter of 2015. Only back then, if you had asked me at the time, I may not have said that I was channeling spirits. I probably would have said that I was experimenting with EVP. But, my personal experimentation did in fact become something of an obsession and for the two months that I was doing EVP recordings, it pretty much became a nightly routine and I was very much using EVP as a direct means of communication with unknown spirits. Unknown to me in the very beginning, I was in fact communicating with malevolent earthbound spirits, only I was not aware of this because they very masterfully deceived me with kindness and benevolence you could say.

  I was new to all of this and very naïve. I walked right into the trap that they had set for me and by the end of my second month of recording, I was hearing malevolent voices outside of my recordings and this progressed to where I was hearing them at all times. It’s been two years now and I have come a long way in getting back control of my life, but the presence of these negative earthbound spirits still presents its share of problems for me and this is what I document here with this journal. In part, I’m keeping a record for myself just so that I can track my own progress and my own state of mind throughout this whole situation. I’m also noting observations that I make in regards to these particular negative spirits as I see them often employ the same types of tricks and tactics over and over, sometimes with just a slightly different spin.

  Well, it’s been two years and I’m glad I made it this far. There were times back when things were at their worse, back in the Spring of 2015, when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. This particular kind of full force voices attack knocked me on my ass. It would knock anyone on their ass and if anyone thinks otherwise, then they have never experienced anything even remotely like it. It is literally being bombarded by harassing voices non-stop around the clock. They give you no peace, they give you no comfort. It is truly a nightmare. And back then, there were occasions when I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. But fortunately, it seems as if we naturally begin to adapt to the situation and to a degree, we are able to develop an immunity to it. So, in a sense this condition is almost comparable to some kind of spiritual virus when it first hits. But our body, spirit and mind does naturally fight these spiritual intruders. We just need to hold on to our strength and to our hope.

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