Is Channeling Spirits Dangerous ? : Spirit Attachment

January 6, 2016

 There’s been an uptake the past week in the physical disturbances at night while I’m trying to sleep. These attachments have been causing a lot of sensations, mostly a strange vibration sensation but it’s been a bit more intense than usual this week. I’ve had to double my dosage of sleep-aid to try and off- set this and get to sleep quickly. It’s still a pain in the ass though. All the while I’m surrounded by voices, mostly it’s been the more whispery voices recently. These malevolent spirit attachments that I’m dealing with are all about causing disruptions. I must say, I’ve desensitized myself to it quite well considering. Now these stunts mostly are just damn annoying where at one time they truly freaked me out.

  But yeah, this is what these spirit attachment situations can sometimes involve, getting harassed with intrusive and harassing voices that never shut up very much it seems. Fortunately, with time and practice we can train ourselves to block out these voices to a large degree, but these malevolent earthbound spirits still often bombard me with voices just to wear me down. Often now, I can successfully block them out to the point that I can’t really hear much of what they are saying (unless I tune in to it and try to hear the content). Often, I’ll just hear bits and pieces, a word or a brief phrase here and there. But I would still much rather be living my life without this of course. So, as the title of this post refers to, yeah, developing a condition of hearing voices is a danger when getting involved with channeling spirits. Channeling by means of EVP was the worst mistake that I ever made. I’m still dealing with the after effects to this day. Sure, this condition may be rare, but if one is just starting out with getting involved with this sort of thing, it is still a risk all the same. There is a risk that you can get an attachment and start hearing voices all of the time.

 Obviously, I did not set out to communicate with negative earthbound spirits, but in the beginning, they disguised themselves as benevolent spirits and I fell right into their trap. They can be very masterful at deception. Underestimating their ability to pull the wool over your eyes and deceive you is a big mistake. Remember, they could be much older than you, centuries older. They could have had ages to perfect their techniques of deception. They are earthbound so they are the easiest to establish contact with as well, this is another risk. These negative spirits that harass me are not in some far away dimension, they are much closer than that. They cause physical sensations on me and I’ve also seen them move objects right in front of me.

  If you send out a message that your seeking to communicate with spirits, just remember, this malevolent element could be close by and they could be the ones that answer your call. Spirit communication is a very serious thing and the risk are extremely serious as well.

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