Three minus

Got back my score on my test/5 hours writing thing. I’m actually dissapointed, but still not suprised for that score. 3- is probably around a C (for those who dont know ehat 3- is. 6 is the best score). The test wasnt in my native language, it was in like a dialect people speak and write in other parts of this country. Yep, I dont really know the language, I barely know the basics. Yet I was kind of hoping for a 3? Atleast? Why is the minus there? It was said that I didn’t wrtie enough on Part A. Which is weird. It was about decent length (longer than most in my class). 

I’m not going to complain about anything on it, since that language/subject is not important for my school applicaton in Mars anyways.

But, If my english and my native language tests gets a  bad grade like that one, then I’ll go crazy and make a giant fuss about it. Really felt like I did a good job, atleast I did my best. My other tests when it comes to writing have always been good. If they just dramatically go down acouple grades because I have a new teacher now, Ill kill him. Seriously!!!

Can’t say anything until I get them back tho. Same goes for my final grades.


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  1. Hope you’ll be pleased with coming grades. There’s a key phrase in your entry. “I did my best.” That was like a ray of light. YOU DID. You can’t do better than your best. You did well.

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