Weight Issues

I lost about twenty-three pounds from January to June, but I gained back 10 pounds over Christmas and Thanksgiving and I’m really struggling with exercising. Maybe I’m lazy?I felt too embarrassed to go to my friend’s sixteenth birthday party since all my old classmates would be there, and well, I feel disgusted with myself.

I’m used to doing 2 hours of exercise a day, not including any weight-lifting or other cardio exercises. I recently switched my diet around as well, it’s just hard feeling motivated to get up and do it.

Possibly also since it’s been cold. I was given jacket, but it’s overly large on me, so I have been making adjustments to the sleeves and hand-sewing everything back together again. (Which is taking a while) I’m so worried I will never get motivated again, and I feel disgusted with myself honestly. I just wish somehow I could have a bit more dedication to it(which stopped sometime around October 30th, after I got sick.)

So hard to get back into routine.

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  1. Weight is something a majority of us face. It is easy to put the weight on but difficult to take it off. Even more difficult is keeping it off once it is on. Have you tried the Sugar Busters Diet? I personally see it as more of an awareness program than a diet but it is called a diet. It teaches you to read the labels on everything you buy to eat only those foods which are low in sugar. Part of the problem with weight control is knowing what foods to eat. Many of the acceptable foods in diet plans are loaded with sugar which prevent the weight loss goals we want. I do not recommend a specific diet but if you read the Sugar Busters Diet and follow their recommendations and start reading labels you will be able to take the weight off and keep it off. Another problem we have on a diet is crave eating. Often a diet does not allow for specific foods that we want and crave. When we have been deprived from a certain food, usually junk food, for a period of time and pick that food up to eat as a reward for how well we’re doing we binge eat that food. It is better to regularly eat that food al along in small portions that to overeat it during a food craving.

  2. I know how you feel . Something about winter makes it hard to keep the exercise going. Maybe it’s because we are mammals? 🙂 bears cozy up and hybernate when it’s cold lol but seriously, I’ve been trying to doing more cardio for at least an hour everyday, and it’s hard. Summer definitely has a better way of motivating me. The bright sun & blue skies! Not to mention those cute high waisted shorts 🙂 hang in there, try and make small reachable goals. I’m right there with you. Just remember , when summer comes, no matter what you’ll still be Beautiful!

  3. Try not to let your weight define you. You can shed those 10 pounds. Meanwhile, go ahead and mingle with friends, etc. Don’t over-focus on food.
    The truth? You are a one-of-a-kind, beautiful daughter of the Most High God, loved and cherished by Him all the time and forever. Let that be your joy, dear. Love him and let him love you.

  4. @Midnight Writer
    I read all the labels usually, I’m mostly afraid I’m not exercising enough. Also having to make sure I have the right foods that I can eat. I try not to be a nuisance since no one in the family seems to like the way I cook since it’s usually vegetables with not much meat, if any, haha.
    So far things are going okay, as of right now, just a bit stressful at times.
    I sometimes get stressed and end up binge eating still though.:(

  5. @VelvetMoonx
    Yes, summer has that effect on me too. It’s so cold!Too cold.I am a bit more enthusiastic about spring, hopefully less rain.I’m hoping eventually I can wear some cute clothes too.:)

  6. @savedbygrace
    I hear it’s important to love yourself and your body as well, but I’m not quite sure how to get there or how that works.I’ll figure it out eventually, hopefully.

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