Is Channeling Spirits Dangerous ?


January 7, 2017

 Having walked away from channeling spirits by means of EVP in February, 2015 (after two months of personal experimentation with EVP), I experienced a month of escalation that March where on a day to day basis, I began to have more incidents of hearing these intrusive and harassing voices with just my ears. In a very real way, the EVP voices came out of the recordings and began to torment me on a daily basis. In early April (2015) the shit really hit the fan at an extreme level. These menacing voices were then bombarding me around the clock, at all times. Most of the voices were extremely menacing in how they sounded. There was one voice that had such a deep bass effect to it that it seemed to make the very ground shake whenever it spoke. Other voices had strange distorted qualities to them, like a bizarre electric distortion. Other voices sounded like regular voices but they were still extremely mocking and tormenting.

  But all of this and I mean all of it was a far cry from what these voices sounded like on my EVP recordings during the first month of my recording experience. Back during that first month, the voices that I was hearing were for the most part very benevolent and friendly in how they sounded. They were never critical of me (which would certainly change once the oppression began). They would often say to me “Hello Brian” whenever the recording sessions started. They always seemed very willing to communicate with me. I was new to EVP and very naïve I admit, but just by the overall friendly nature of my interactions with these spirits (or entities), I would never, and I mean never at the time even have considered that within just a matter of a couple of months, the “friendly” sounding voices would become menacing and malevolent and further, that they would come out of the recordings and proceed to torment me night and day by bombarding me with voices as well as inflicting physical/bodily abuses on me as well.

  By how overwhelmingly friendly they were towards me in the beginning, I quickly became mesmerized and fascinated by what I was experiencing with regards to my communication with these spirits. Looking back now, I realize that this led me to have a false sense of security. Of course, I had read a bit and seen television shows about evil spirits, demons, possessions, etc… But I had no idea in the beginning that these malevolent earthbound spirits/entities were able to cause me to be stricken with a condition of hearing their abusive voices at all times (until I went through the process of learning to block them out). I simply had no idea at all that this was something that they could and in fact do hit people with. Perhaps this particular danger is not that well known about because many people (even some who believe in the paranormal) would just consider it all a matter of mental illness. How this must work in the favor of these malevolent earthbound entities that attack people in this manner, knowing that their victims will seldom be believed.

  But, I tell you truthfully, if you are just starting to consider getting involved with any kind of paranormal investigation or if you are just starting to become interested in the phenomenon of channeling, please give this serious consideration. A risk of this type of activity is developing a condition of hearing voices to an extreme degree. It is something to seriously consider before venturing down this path and ask yourself if you really want to risk this happening. The percentage of people that develop this condition from these kinds of activities may be small, but the risk is still there and should be taken very seriously.

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