It’s so hard when you feel worthless all the time. And not worthy of being special to anyone. Yet you try so hard to do things for others and make sure others are happy. You put everyone else before you. And you just hope that one person will think of you and want you to be happy.

Day after day.. year after year you keep the hope that you will be thought of without any prompting. But it never happens. So your mind slowly starts to believe that you are worthless and undeserving. If you were worthy that someone who you have put first over the years would think of you before themselves… but they don’t time and time again… they say the words “I love you” but their actions in all other areas do not.

So you decided that you do not deserve happiness because if you did deserve it they would of given it to you. You can’t tell them all of this cause they will get angry and hurt that you would even think of such things. They wouldn’t try to understand. So you keep quiet and just let it eat away at you slowly until there is nothing left… and that’s when you decided it’s time to leave your empty body….

3 thoughts on “Worthless?”

  1. I do not know you but do strongly believe that there are people in your life who would definitely not think you are worthless. I know this is not much but hope it helps xx

  2. I agree with what YngSurferdude16 said. God loves you and will be your strength in the future. Relationships are a funny thing, all parties are not at the same place regarding the relationship and other people may not have the same level of commitment that you have. Don’t worry about what other people say or do. You can only control what you say and do. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, continue to do it. If the other person does not appreciate what you are doing there are plenty of people in this world what will.

  3. You’re making yourself worthless because that’s what you think others think of you. But in reality they’re not thinking about you at all, so in a way you _are_ worthless to them. They’re also worthless to you.

    Give yourself all the value.

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