Aspergers diagnosis

Update from previous journal entry: 

So I went to the University GP and asked to be referred to a physiologist for a medical assessment for Asperger’s syndrome.  She pointed me in the direction of the university medical centre stating that she would not refer me until the wellness centre preformed an initial Aspergers assessment.

The lady at the wellness centre was 100 times more empathetic than the university GP.  She listened to what I had to say and read my symptom notes thoroughly.  She spoke to the disability department and discovered that the university do not perform Aspergers assessments.  

The only way to get referred for the assessment is by referral from the GP.  I am now booked in for a second appointment (tomorrow) with the same unhelpful GP I saw this morning.

I have no idea whether she will agree to refer me or not.  

On a brighter note I have just signed up for the gym I am going to start participating in group personal training sessions.  I can’t wait to start feeling healthy again!  

I have been almost 6 weeks alcohol free, and I am on day 4 of no smoking! 



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