Start of a new day.  Was up at  4:30 and it is now 5 :30 so the sun is not up yet.  This is my third day with the journal and am looking forward to another full day.  I have made several more comments on many of your journals and want everyone to know that these comments are made out of true concern over your situation.  If I have said anything that sounds mean to you, I am sorry.  I say the way I feel and the feeling I get from what you have written.  The written word conveys meaning and emotion the same was the spoken word does.  Often times we write something thinking that we are conveying one meaning but actually convey another.

If anything I write seems unfair to you, please let me know.  I am more than willing to get into your situation with you and provide any insight I can and offer any assistance I can.

Please  understand, I am not a medical professional and my comments come from my individual experience and things I have learned over the years.  Also, I am not fond of the medical profession, but, should I feel that you need professional assistance I will not hesitate to recommend it to you.

I am also a Christian and will not  hesitate to urge you to seek assistance through your local place of worship.

I have not gone into any of my conditions or background as I do not want to bore you with a lengthy discussion of that.  Should I feel that your problem can best be explained with something from my past I will use it.

I am providing this for anyone who wants to know a little about me and where some of my comments may be coming from.

I greet each day with hope and excitement.  I feel blessed that I have live a full life and that God has brought me to this place at this time.  I am happy to be here among you, my friends.


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  1. What a lovely journal entry. I can hear your sincerity. I also am older than most of the people who post here, and sometimes dare to offer advice. I’m glad you found GNJ. People appreciate comments. Feel free to write more about yourself. God bless you.

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