confusion or just stupidity?

Well here goes,

Am I just stupid or confused. 

Went out on a girls night with my ex roommate.. Met a guy there unintentionally… Made plans to continue to talk and still talk now. I enjoy his company and appreciate him and how comfortable I feel with him. 

On the other hand, 

My ex asked if wanted to “come  home”  (come back to the home we shared for almost a year before splitting up a few months ago)  

I said yes (as at this time I really had no where to go) thinking I would just stay in the guest room.

Later on in the night we talked and he asked if I wanted to get back together. 

I did/ do but at the same point he told me flat out he doesn’t want a relationship with “just me” . 

Any advice would be great as to WTF I should do? 

Do old habits die hard or do u just simply try and teach an old dog new tricks? 


3 thoughts on “confusion or just stupidity?”

  1. Honey, don’t give your heart to a boy who doesn’t want exclusively you. I’m so glad he said that. It takes all the confusion away. Tell him no thanks!

  2. I really do still sort of love him and the idea of our relationship. I feel like he feels/thinks having someone else in the relationship is going to fix things. I know it’s not going to fix things..

  3. At least you are thinking about the situation and looking at options. I also appreciate the fact that the guy is honest enough to tell you up front that he did not want to be exclusive with you. That, however, should be a deal breaker. What he’s saying is that he wants someone to fall back on should the need arise. He is trying to take advantage of your history together and thinking only of himself, not you at all.

    Old habits do die hard. Trying to get back together with him is dealing with a situation that you have knowledge of. To stay away from him is facing the unknown which can be a difficult thing.

    You will not realize any benefit from staying around this guy. Walk away.

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