Day 4 – 30 Days to True Health

What a busy day again today. Cheryl had me at another workout class at noon and then I had two hours of yoga practice last night. My body is tired…..but, at the end of the day I realized something….I had no cravings today.  What the heck?  Was I too busy or are they subsiding?

I think they are subsiding because when I got home, each time, I reached for vegetables and fruit. A cup of cabbage soup all hot and steamy was a great bedtime snack last night. Filled my tummy and made me feel satisfied. I also noticed the sweetness and crunch of the nuts I ate today.  Even though they are lightly salted, they have an underlying taste of sweet that I don’t think I’ve noticed before. 

I have to get to bed earlier tonight because tomorrow I go to school!  Crazy, but I am doing my first day of admin subbing, at McLean school. I’m not nervous at all, I’m very excited!  

I packed my veggies and fruit and water, have my shakes ready to go and am off to sleep now. A pink sparkly backpack would be perfect!! 

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