Doctors who lack empathy :-(

I have just came out from a doctors appointment at my university medical centre.  I am bitterly disheartened by the doctors lack of empathy.

Since my sister was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome a few years ago I have done much reasearch on the topic.  The research brought answers to a lot of the issues I had been challenged with throughout my own life.  There has always been something different about me,  I have always felt alian in comparison to other females my age.  My brain is wired differently.

For a good couple of years I have played with the idea of asking a GP for a referral for a diagnosis.  Today I finally mustered up the courage.

I presented the GP with the typed up list of Aspergers symptoms I had been suffering from throughout my life.  The GP demanded that I just explained vocally as she didn’t have time to read them.  Her ignorance was like a knife through my chest.  Then I reminded myself a lot of people know very little about aspergers even doctors unless they specialise.  I tried to keep a grasp of the emotions I could feel welling up inside of me.  I explained quite abruptly that I had written the symptoms down as I had difficulty explaining vocally.

Two major aspects of my aspergers traits are verbal communication and emotion, the GP was expecting me to do both!  To me this was like someone with a dislocated leg asking for medical treatment and the GP asking the individual to stand on one leg, with the weight concentrated on the injured side.

Anyway she told me to go to the wellness centre at the university to ask them to do some tests.  Fingers crossed they will be more understanding! 

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  1. Indeed, we’ll hope that the people who do the tests are more patient and professional. I hate when someone blows you off because “I don’t have time.” You are paying for her time. No wonder you’re disheartened with doctors.

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