January 4

Doctor called in a second round of anti-biotics for hubby. I hope it works!  Meanwhile I am trying to take care of him and also my mom who broke her wrist.  Lots of  little runs to the grocery store.  I have re-discovered Pop-Tarts and now I don’t want anything else to eat but those.  Strawberry is best.  I remember eating them for breakfast as I walked to class in college.  So it’s sentimental.  But I need to get my appetite under control.  In a few days our church is starting a 21 day fast.  It’s not a water fast, it is what we call a “Daniel” fast—-fruits, veggies, and water.  Can I do that for 21 days?? I am so concerned I’ll fail.  But as I write that I remember, He will still love me and forgive me, and I will just start over if I blow it.  He doesn’t expect me to do a perfect job–just to sincerely try.  I can do that.  I will include all y’all in my prayers.  Hubby is coughing again, so I need to go for now.  Love and hope to all.

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