New bed today

Morning…waiting for the kids to ¬†wake up…not the best night sleep. Where was I?

A couple of others I met faded out as quick as they came in..everyone seems so fickle these days 

Another one was a teacher, dated for a couple of weeks and then he just stopped contact🙄 he was nice…or so I thought.¬†

Tinder…thought I’d give this a go, met a nice guy…but he turned out to be a bit of stalker, kept asking why I wasn’t messaging. I get told off if I didn’t put xx on the end of my messages.

And then I met this guy..he was my ‘jackpot’ everything I was looking for and he said I was too…2 weeks later he leaves my house and I never hear from again…to date (sunday) I have 4 unanswered messages. For the first I felt heartbroken.¬†

Enough of that bullshit…I don’t make New Years resolutions but this year I have decided to work on my body confidence a bit. This involves more exercise to tone up and hitting the sunbeds to get a tan…I miss my summer tan. Waiting for my new fitness dvd to come through the post…also waiting in today for my new bed!! Yay!!¬†

Weight today 11st 13lbs 

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