I met Nick on OKCupid just a few days before New Years. On Dec 31, he drove all the way from Charleston to visit me for a day. 

Last night, I drove to Charleston to see him. We had sex. It was very, very awkward. I hadn’t had any since last year, and it was outside behind the building where he works, right against this window that somebody could very well have been behind.

I’m very scared of this whole thing. I like him very much and I will admit, I think he likes me. But, I feel like I might like him a little too much, but at the same time, he irritates me so much. He’s addicted to pain killers and sex. He’s still very much hung up on his ex, and he told me that even though she’s engaged to someone else, she’s been trying to seduce him. Last night, she wouldn’t stop sending him angry texts. He’s always talking about his sexual exploits. I’m actually kinda scared that I’m not the only one he’s having sex with. I just don’t want to be hurt again. when he goes into detail about the crazy, slutty girls he’s been with, I can’t help but feel inadequate. like I won’t be “good” enough and that I’ll be cruelly dumped for somebody that is, even though my heart is in the right place. I’m just scared of really falling in love with him. 

I don’t know if I should end it now and spare myself the heartache, or keep at it to see where it goes. what if I sabotage something that  might be great? 

One thought on “Nick…”

  1. For someone you have known for a short period of time, he has provided a large number of items about himself. Unfortunately they are all negative. The big three are:
    1. Addiction to pain killers.
    2. Addiction to sex.
    3. Hung up on his ex.
    That would amount to three strikes and all kind of alarms should be going off.
    In addition to the big 3 it appears he is also talking in detail to you about his sexual exploits. If you truly care about the other person, you are not going to go into detail about sex you have with someone else.
    I can understand why you are scared and would have to say walk away from this now. It is better to endure a little pain now than a lot of pain later.

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