Nothing to finish

I never quite finished much.  I’ve started many things, never quite finishing anything for one reason, or another. I’m tired of blaming others, whether they had a role. I chucked it up to bad timing,  coincidences, even unfavorable luck. 

I’ve always tried to be the good person,  placing many broken pieces together for others. Family, acquaintances and strangers. Yes, I’ve been chastised and advised by all. ‘ Your taking care of others and you can’t even take care of your own problems.’ They’re right, all that is told to me is concrete. Except when they need someone. Then rules change, advice becomes a passing thought in a different context. I’ve sustained solid arguments, to only be knocked out of bounds by a few specific phrases. ‘Well that’s different’.  ‘You’re making no sense’. ‘You can’t compare that’  My favorite, they walk away, because suddenly they have to do something.  

Well, I become amazed, because I do help myself, I do try to help others and my most facinating moment is looking into their eyes, while defending myself, trying to sustain a simple look and seeing their eyes look away.


2 thoughts on “Nothing to finish”

  1. You cannot win arguments. Whenever you get into an argument each contestant goes into their self defense mode and any new information they’re confronted with, no matter how logical or good the argument, simply bounces off and is ignored.

    Why argue?

    Also people don’t know what you’re thinking by looking into your eyes. You might think you form a connection or that they’re thinking these intricate thoughts about you, but they might have just caught your eyes on a passing glance and didn’t think anything of it.

  2. You have a point in arguing. Eye contact tells alot about a person, remembering the old cliché, ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul. ‘ My priorities arent to “win” any argument, but for people to understand. You are correct in saying, why argue. Except, there are times when everyone has a right to defend themselves. Thanks for reading.

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