So far….

is this some kind of diary ? If is not, nvm, I  just want to write anything down and don’t really care if someone’s gonna read it. 


I turned 17, on January’s 1st, and it’s so much emotional ! I mean it’s new years, fuckin birthday…. everything together & be live me or not, it’s the happiest day of the whole year, for me. Year by year.

No one have an easy life. Completely happy and peaceful like they apparently say at school to the classmates or at work. You wish it was like that. I wish it was like that, but unfortunately it’s not.

3 thoughts on “So far….”

  1. I hear you and understand where you’re coming from.
    Everything is not just happy and peaceful.
    Days are not filled with sweetness and light.
    Turmoil and chaos continue to enter out lives.
    We must filter the chaos from our life.
    We must muffle the turmoil we are faced with.

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to you.

  2. Midnight writer I know , all the same shit. Thank u and happy new year !

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